Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics

The goal of our research group is to make computers understand natural languages. People communicate with each other using natural languages, while they choose words almost unconsciously. To make computers do the same, however, we have to know clearly how natural languages work. That is to say, our research is to unfold the mechanism of natural language, that will eventually lead to the understanding of how people understand the world. We explore step by step how people use words and go on living as people learn the movements of the universe and works of life.

Specifically, we perform research on fundamental theories and processing technologies of natural language, including syntactic and semantic parsing, natural language generation, dialog systems, and grounding language into non-linguistic information. We are also engaged in research projects to develop natural language applications, such as text data analysis over focused domains such as financial or academic documents. Please refer to our Research page for details.

At Department of Computer Science, University of Tokyo, we welcome post-doc researchers and Master/Ph.D. students to work together in our research group. Our group has a flat structure allowing researchers/students to go beyond the scope of a specific research theme, and we encourage them to work on multiple projects based on their own free ideas while working collaboratively with other internationally successful researchers. We provide an excellent environment for students to concentrate on their studies, offering various supporting systems including scholarships, research assistant (RA) and technical staff positions, etc. (see the homepage of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology for details). We also have a variety of frameworks for academia-industry cooperation that allow joint research projects in collaboration with private companies.

Contact us if you are interested in developing a computer that can fully understand natural language, or pursuing the computational science of natural language.

Contact Information

Faculty of Science Building 7, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN
Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo
Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo




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