Sep 27 Talk by Iryna Gurevych (Technische Universität Darmstadt) Title: Let’s Debate: Claim Validation by Humans and Machines
Jul 25 Talk by Alvin Grissom II (Ursinus College) Title: Thinking about How NLP is Used to Serve Power: Current and Future Trends
Jul 18 Talk by Danushka Bollegala (Amazon) Title: Deep Learning and Other Innovations at Amazon
May 16 Talk by Yotaro Watanabe (PKSHA Technology) Title: Social implementation of NLP technologies at PKSHA Technology
Apr 18 Talk by Guests from Google Japan Title: NLP at Google Tokyo - from The Spot of NLP
Apr 11 Welcome Party for New Comers  
Mar 18 Farewell Party for Fei Cheng  


Jul 26 Farewell Party for Internship Students  
Jun 14 Talk by Norman Meuschke (University of Konstanz, Germany) Title: Analyzing Nontextual Content Features to Detect Academic Plagiarism
Mar 30 Welcome Party for New Commers  
Mar 29 Hanami at Kita-no-Maru Park  


Mar 24 Talk by Ruslan Mitkov (University of Wolverhampton) Title: Anaphora resolution: to what extent does it help NLP applications?
Jun 08 Talk by Gustav Eje HENTER (NII) Title: Wagging speech by the tail: The case for robust data generation


Jul 28 Talk by Melissa Djuimo (Yseop) Title: Object Oriented Framework for Explainable Expert Systems
Jun 16 Talk by Alvin Grissom II (University of Colorado Boulder) Title: Verb Prediction and Other Strategies for SOV-SVO Simultaneous Machine Translation


Oct 22 Talk by Xu Sun (Peking University) Title: Recent Advance in Structured Prediction and Structured NLP
Apr 30 Talk by Hiroyuki Shindo (NAIST) Title: Concept Dependency for Syntactic and Semantic Annotations of Natural Language Texts
Apr 28 Talk by Kevin Duh (NAIST) Title: Incorporating Compositional and Relational Semantics into Word Representation Learning
Apr 16 Talk by Sebastian Riedel (University College London) Title: Embedding Probabilistic Logic for Machine Reading
Mar 5 Talk by Jan Šnajder (University of Zagreb) Title: DErivBase: Derivational Morphology meets Distributional Semantics


Oct 9 Talk by Hang Li (Noah’s Ark Lab, Huawei Technologies) Title: Semantic Matching: The Next Big Thing for Natural Language Processing?
Aug 7 Talk by Kim Jin-Dong (DBCLS) Title: PubAnnotation and LODQA
Jul 24 Talk by Jason Naradowsky (UMass Amherst) Title: Low Resource NLP via Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
Jul 10 Talk by Sebastian Riedel (University College London) Title: Injecting Logic into Low-Dimensional Embeddings
Jan 22 Talk by Slav Petrov (Google) Title: Large-Scale Language Learning
Jan 16 Talk by Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne) Title: What are Distributional/Compositional Semantic Models, and What do They Really Learn?


Nov 21 Talk by Makoto Miwa (University of Manchester) Title: Relation Extraction via Structured Prediction with Global Features
Apr 18 Talk by Kim Jin-Dong (DBCLS) Title: LODQA – a natural language query processing system for SPARQL generation
Apr 15 Talk by Chikara Hashimoto (NICT) Title: Minimally Supervised Method for Multilingual Paraphrase Extraction from Definition Sentences on the Web
Jan 8 Talk by Tim Baldwin (University of Melbourne) Title: Social Media: Friend or Foe of Natural Language Processing?


Dec 21 Talk by Nigel Collier (NII) Title: Mining phenotype candidates from the scientific literature with diverse resources
Nov 20 Talk by Richard Socher (Stanford University) Title: Recursive Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision
Aug 2 Talk by Simone Teufel (University of Cambridge) Title: NLP for citation network processing
Apr 18 Talk by De Saeger Stijn (NICT) Title: Knowledge acquisition research behind NICT’s spoken question answering system Ikkyu